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Contact Thales Cyber Security Teams

Thales CERT and PSIRT are operational teams in charge of handling security incidents and vulnerabilities impacting Thales.

Report a Security Incident

You have been made aware of a cyber security incident that could impact Thales, please report it to Thales CERT.

Email address and PGP Key??

In case of sensitive information please encrypt your email using PGP.

Thales CERT PGP Key

ID: 0x026A9D84
Hash: ECDF D820 845A AACD 9627 627E 4C52 0648 026A 9D84


Report Product or Service Vulnerabilities

You have been made aware of a vulnerability that could impact Thales products or services please report it to Thales PSIRT.

Thales aligns with the Responsible Disclosure model  when dealing with vulnerabilities.

Email address and PGP Key??

??In case of sensitive information please encrypt your email using PGP.

Thales PSIRT PGP Key

ID: 0x8448AE39
Hash: ECDF D820 845A AACD 9627 627E 4C52 0648 026A 9D84


Thales will handle the communicated information securely and will enforce industry standards to keep the transmitted information confidential.

However, it is the reporter's responsibility to assess the transmitted data to ensure it does not infringe any law or regulation that would apply to this data. In case of any doubt, Thales recommends to do not transmit such information through this channel and to wait until Thales reply to jointly agree on such transmission.


A few words about the Thales CERT

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) from Thales is an organization that reinforces the prevention and protection against Cyber security risks.

This organization operates according to RFC2350 which specifies the expectations for Computer Security Incident Response. Thales-CERT RFC2350

Thales CERT is recognized and accredited by Trusted Introducer consortium.

The Thales CERT is made of several experts in Cyber defense, Cyber criminality and Incident Response, encompassing forensics, network investigations and penetration testing. Our experts are certified: GIAC Forensics, Malware Reverse Engineering, Ethical Hacking, depending on their scope of responsibilities.

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