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How eSIM solutions can help you with your connectivity needs?

Technology is transforming the paradigm of connected living, moving from simple mobility solutions to hyper-connectivity in the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected devices are growing exponentially and according to the GSMA, mobile connectivity will contribute about 4.8% of the world’s total GDP by 2023. That’s roughly $4.8 trillion worth of economic value, with 25.2 billion connections by 2025.

What is eSIM management?

In this hyper-connected world, Thales's eSIM management allows to securely and remotely manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions, in order to deliver a seamless customer experience for connecting more than 7 billion consumer and industrial eSIM-ready devices expected to be shipped by 2025.

With more than 190 deployments worldwide, Thales's subscription management is the world's most popular eSIM management platform across mobile operators, operator alliances, MVNOs, car manufacturers and OEMs.


  • A vision on IoT: what role eSIM Plays

  • On-Demand Connectivity: How to introduce the eSIM on the market

  • eSIM and Internet of Things - Interview with GSMA

Learn more about Thales' eSIM connectivity technology

Connected consumer electronics  

Consumer Electronics

On-Demand Connectivity can help you deliver a seamless connectivity experience for end consumers, including connectivity out-of-the-box.

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Automotive & M2M

On-Demand Connectivity helps you address the longevity and strong SLA requirements of industrial and enterprise usage.

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Mobile Network Operators

On-Demand Connectivity helps you open your world to the IoT ecosystem of consumer and industrial OEM through future-proof subscription management capabilities.

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eSIM Timeline

The past few years have seen a rapid growth in mobile IoT, where eSIM and RSP have played a big role. We’ve collected a few milestones – from early days of M2M to present day connected wearables.

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GSMA launches embedded SIM task force to support the connected future

The beginning of a new era - GSMA formed a task force of mobile network operators to explore development of an embedded SIM.

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GSMA-led task force defines market requirements for a standardized embedded SIM

The market requirements for a standardized embedded SIM were formulated with the help of leading mobile network operators.

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GSMA publishes embedded SIM specification for M2M services

With the backing of leading mobile network operators and SIM suppliers, the first specification for embedded SIMs in M2M with remote provisioning capabilities was published.

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Successful trials of emergency response system with embedded SIM

OJSC VimpelCm (BeeLine TM) and peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG announced successful testing of ERA-GLONASS (an emergency response system used in Russia), using eSIM technology.

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Embedded SIM makes its way to Swiss connected watches

Limmex, a Swiss provider of personal safety solutions, enabled connectivity for an emergency watch in a pilot project with leading mobile operator Swisscom.

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GMA announces multidomestic service

The Global M2M Association (GMA), a cooperation of international tier-one operators announced a service to enable global deployment and management of M2M and IoT services, leveraging eSIM and remote SIM provisioning.

Remote SIM provisioning on smartphones

The leading Chinese handset maker ZTE demonstrated the power of remote SIM provisioning on smartphones, at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

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Remote provisioning of consumer devices

For the first time, Gemalto brought to life a common architecture for remote provisioning of consumer devices as defined by the GSMA, showcasing how a primary device like a smartphone can be used to conveniently activate or deactivate connectivity on a secondary device.

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On-Demand Connectivity receives IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

IoT Evolution Magazine, a leading U.S. media company covering the connected marketplace, honored Gemalto’s innovative solution for its outstanding contributions to the IoT industry.

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Samsung Gear S2 with 3Gconnectivity

Samsung launched Gear S2, a smartwatch with an embedded SIM compliant with GSMA specifications. The technology enables users to connect to cellular networks directly from the watch.

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GSMA releases Remote Provisioning specifications to connect mobile devices

GSMA released an interoperable and global specification backed by the mobile industry, which lets consumers with a mobile subscription remotely connect their devices to a mobile network of their choice.

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Bridge Alliance demonstrates GSMA-compliant solution

Bridge Alliance, a partnership of 35 leading operators in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, showcased a solution for multi-country deployment of IoT devices with remote provisioning.

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Gemalto and Jasper partner to simplify global deployment

Gemalto and Jasper, a global IoT platform leader, announced a partnership to simplify global deployment of IoT devices and services through on-demand subscription management.

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KDDI selects Gemalto for connected car and IoT applications

Gemalto’s ODC solution enabled KDDI to provision any requested operator’s profile on connected cars equipped with pre-embedded eSIM. It allows automakers and solution providers to offer seamless remote subscription.

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French consumers can make calls from Samsung smartwatch

Orange joined forces with Gemalto to launch the Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G in France, the first connected watch with a built-in SIM, which enables users to make and receive calls directly from the watch.

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First smartwatch in Italy with eSIM

TIM and Samsung, in collaboration with Gemalto, launched the first smartwatch in Italy with an integrated eSIM, showcasing the evolution of mobile device connectivity in more markets.

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Juniper Research lists Gemalto as established leader in IoT

The leadership position is based on Gemalto’s advanced capabilities and product offering for the industrial and consumer IoT markets, where Juniper predicts strong growth for eSIMs and remote subscription management platforms

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PSA Group to equip connected cars with eSIM

The M2M solution from Gemalto enables PSA Group to roll out an efficient tele-maintenance system to its connected vehicles with reduced operational costs, and ensure rich services and hassle-free updates for drivers.

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China Mobile enters the connected car market with Gemalto’s remote subscription management solution

The world's largest telecom carrier with over 845 Million subscribers enables secure connectivity for connected cars. With China Mobile's network end users will ?enjoy ?in-car connected services such as infotainment, navigation support, safety or vehicle diagnostic.

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Gemalto extends remote provisioning to all consumer devices with GSMA compliant solution

Gemalto has introduced an enhanced version of its LinqUs On-Demand Connectivity Platform that is fully compliant with the latest update to the GSMA Consumer Remote SIM Provisioning Specification.

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AT&T strengthens Internet of Things (IoT) offerings with Gemalto’s remote subscription management solution

Gemalto is supplying AT&T with a remote subscription management solution that will help enable its customers to deploy new and highly secure IoT applications in the U.S. and globally.

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Gemalto connects China’s first Internet Car launched by Banma

Gemalto is partnering with Banma Technologies Co., Ltd for the production of China's first Internet Car – the Roewe RX5. Banma is a new joint venture between Alibaba Group and SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor).

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Samsung announces Gear S3 frontier (LTE) with iOS compatibility

Samsung Electronics Singapore announced the retail availability of the LTE variant of the Gear S3 frontier, and the introduction of iOS compatibility across the latest devices in its Gear wearables range, which includes the Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit2, through new technology from Gemalto.

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Bridge Alliance partners Gemalto to offer eSIM solution for Consumer IoT devices

Bridge Alliance, a partnership of 35 leading operators in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa enabled immediate internet access for their customers' IoT devices, using the platform powered by Gemalto.

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Com4 delivers a seamless customer experience for connecting industrial devices thanks to Gemalto

Gemalto supplied Com4, a dedicated M2M/IoT operator, with an On-Demand Connectivity solution that would support secure remote SIM provisioning in the fast growing Internet? of Things (IoT) market.

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Microsoft and Gemalto join forces to provide seamless connectivity for Windows 10 devices

In connection with Microsoft, Gemalto presented the newest release of its On Demand Connectivity and eSIM technology for Windows 10 devices, compliant with the latest specifications and guidelines laid out by the GSM Association.

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Gemalto demonstrates fully interoperable remote SIM provisioning for M2M applications

Gemalto's ODC solution completed rigorous GSMA-led tests that demonstrate its ability to support remote provisioning of a wide range of eSIM vendors, mobile network operators and subscription management platforms in M2M applications.

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Service provider GigSky chooses Gemalto to enable seamless connectivity for travelers around the world

Gemalto?supplied GigSky with its ODC services to allow end-users to choose short-term data plans across the globe. GigSky offers mobile connectivity solutions for consumers and businesses in over 140 countries for a large variety of devices including iPad with Apple2 SIM.

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Gemalto accelerates IoT adoption and innovation in Japan

Gemalto was selected by SoftBank Corp. as a partner for On-Demand Connectivity services enabling both consumer and industrial machine-to-machine IoT connectivity and deployment of value added applications and services.

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China Mobile Communications and NTT DOCOMO develop world's first interoperable multi-vendor eSIM system for IoT with Gemalto

China Mobile Communications Corporation and NTT DOCOMO announced to jointly develop the world's first multi-vendor eSIM system within their commercial environments based on the GSMA's UICC3.1 standard.

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Lenovo adopts Gemalto’s eSIM subscription management solution to provide their users with seamless connectivity experience

Gemalto delivered flexible connectivity for Lenovo smart devices across 160 countries. Lenovo selected Gemalto as its preferred remote SIM provisioning provider for their Lenovo Connect service.

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Telefónica launches ‘out of the box’ mobile connectivity for consumer devices with latest Gemalto cloud service

Gemalto supplied Telefónica Group with an On-Demand Connectivity cloud service that enables 'out-of-the-box' mobile connectivity for consumer products such as connected PCs and wearables.

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Gemalto first in the world to be fully-certified by the GSMA for secure eSIM subscription management

Gemalto announced that its On-Demand Connectivity Service had become the first in the world to demonstrate full compliance with the stringent security requirements of the GSMA's Security Accreditation Scheme for eSIM remote provisioning.

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Amdocs and Gemalto join forces to revolutionize the eSIM consumer market

Amdocs and Gemalto announced a best-in-class integrated industry platform that provides consumers with a simple and hassle-free experience in connecting eSIM-equipped devices to their mobile network operator.

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Microsoft to adopt eSIM technology for their Surface Pro laptop and embed eSIM updates in Windows Update

Gemalto partnered with Microsoft to provide its eSIM solution for Microsoft's Surface Pro with LTE Advanced. The Surface would become the first fully integrated embedded SIM PC in the Windows? ecosystem.

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Gemalto’s Discovery Service boosts on-demand connectivity activation for consumer devices worldwide

This initiative simplifies the customer's experience of connecting a device 'out-of-the-box' to the cellular network with the offer of their choice. Users simply select their preferred mobile operator, purchase a subscription which is instantly downloaded and activated over-the-air.

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4 ways to activate eSIM-capable consumer IoT Devices

i. QR code / ii. By-default SM-DP+ address / iii. Root Discovery Service / iv. Initial connectivity.

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  • Posted on Aug 02, 2019

    How Gemalto is staying at the forefront of eSIM innovation

    We’ve been ranked as the number one provider for hardware-based eSIM and eSIM management solutions. Here are seven key elements that helped us meet the mark.

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    How Android, the world’s most popular mobile OS, is preparing for eSIM

    eSIM support by Android-friendly device manufacturers will foster eSIM expansion worldwide.

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  • Posted on Nov 20, 2018

    Commercial drones with mobile connectivity set to supercharge industry

    As the drone industry rapidly matures, it is critical that it is well regulated, secure and given the opportunity to fulfil its vast potential.

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  • What do consumers want from their connected future?

    What do consumers want from their connected future?

    Over the past 18 months we’ve spoken to 5,000 people from nine countries about what they want from their future mobile and IoT experience. The findings are fascinating and complex.

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  • Thales On-Demand Connectivity

    Getting devices connected via Remote eSIM Provisioning

    Thales On-Demand Connectivity [PDF - 1.1mb]
  • Turning things on

    With everything from smart homes to autonomous cars, the integration of connected technology in everyday life has become a reality. The Internet of Things can enhance our way of living. But before drawing benefit from these “things”, we need to turn them on first! Turning things on is Thales’ view on how the embedded SIM is paving the way for connecting these array of smart things, and bringing them to life.

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  • Juniper Research lists Gemalto as leader in IoT Connectivity & Security technologies

    Juniper Research lists Thales as leader in IoT Connectivity & Security technologies

    Thales, has been recognized by Juniper Research, the respected industry analyst, as a key player in the global M2M sector. This leadership position is based on Thales' advanced capabilities and product offering for the industrial and consumer IoT markets, where Juniper predicts strong growth for eSIMs and remote subscription management platforms.

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  • Connecting Smart Objects

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Juniper Research grants Gemalto Instant Connect a Future Digital Award for Technology and Innovation 2019

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  • IoT essentials & consumer eSIM training

    Ensure you understand the key factors when deploying your eSIM & Remote Subscription Management solutions.

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